Welcome, 2014!

New Years Arches

I hope everyone is spending their new years day getting started on resolutions…or enjoying one last day before resolutions kick in (that can wait til the work week begins, right?) or at least in some way celebrating the turning of a new leaf.

I drug my self not only out of bed but out of the house today to finally catch up on the growing list of recipe posts I’ve been meaning to write for the past several months. So this is an announcement that new posts will be coming! And also an apology that some of them may be slightly holiday inspired…I’ll try to play that down given that January is much better for looking forward than back.

I am also planning to sort through all my photos from my Spain trip back in October (seriously, this is how late I’m running). And so in lieu of a food photo today, I’ve collected a few of my favorites above. Moroccan windows and archways are some of my most favorite architectural details, and to borrow a new years greeting I received myself from the ever caring and eloquent head of design at my alma mater: Here’s to opening new doors and windows in the New Year! That message resonated with me today, and thank you to Dan Boyarski for sending it to me.

And because I can’t completely abandon all recipes for this post, I will, of course, be making black-eyed peas this afternoon based on this post. This year I think I’ll add some butternut squash and, in a bit of a nod to 2013, kale. I think it will maximize my luck potential for the year!


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